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The dry conditions in North Dakota makes it easy for fires to spread rapidly and cause significant damage to homes, businesses, and the natural landscape. In many cases, people want to pin the cause of the fire on an individual by charging them with arson. Arson convictions carry weighty penalties, so it is imperative that you speak with a skilled and seasoned criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you are facing arson charges. The Law Office of Joe A. Johnson understands how arson cases are typically prosecuted, and he will work hard to build you a solid and persuasive defense. Call today to get the dependable legal representation you need.

Arson Crimes in North Dakota

According to North Dakota state law, arson occurs when someone intentionally starts or maintains a fire or explosion in order to cause damage to property. In many cases, it is also assumed that the intent of the fire is to collect insurance money for the loss or destruction of the property. Most arson crimes are classified as Class C felonies, carrying penalties of up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. If the life of another person was placed in jeopardy, the charge becomes a Class B felony, which carries more severe consequences.

There are also several arson-related misdemeanor crimes in North Dakota, including the failure to report a dangerous fire, negligent behavior that results in a fire, tampering with or disabling a fire alarm, and other criminal actions. Convictions of these misdemeanor offenses, while less severe than those of felony convictions, are still serious and can negatively impact your future. Working with a skilled criminal defense attorney is essential to increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

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The Law Office of Joe A. Johnson has been representing clients facing arson charges in North Dakota for over two decades. Experienced attorney Joe Johnson works diligently with each client, telling them what they need to hear and what to expect from the criminal justice proceeding. Reach out today to speak to a warm and effective criminal defense attorney who will work hard to defend your rights and protect your future.

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