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If you or someone you know is in legal trouble, you are most likely well-aware at this point of the complications that come with it. From posting bail to keeping track of court dates, facing a criminal charge is time-consuming and endlessly stressful. That’s why having a competent criminal defense lawyer is so important – with a good defense you’re giving yourself the best chance at a favorable outcome. Joe Johnson handles a wide variety of criminal defense cases, including DUI and drunk driving, assault, domestic violence, drug crimes and drug conspiracies, juvenile law and more. Don’t hesitate. Certain rights begin to dissolve the longer you wait, so it’s crucial you call a lawyer today.

The information below provides a brief overview of Joe Johnson’s criminal defense practice areas. Call (701) 297-5965 if you have been arrested for any type of crime in North Dakota. Initial consultations are free!

DUI/Drunk Driving

Driving while influenced by drugs or alcohol is dangerous, and the consequences can be severe. Drunk driving is taken very seriously in the state of North Dakota, and the laws are complicated. If you have been arrested for DUI or are facing criminal drunk driving charges, you need a lawyer who knows the laws and can defend you from every angle. Many times, cases are dismissed due to a lack of evidence or an illegally-conducted search. This is never guaranteed though, which is why it’s so important to have a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side when you go to court. The Law Office of Joe A. Johnson makes DUI and drunk driving cases a priority, so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

Juvenile Law

It’s no mystery that kids get into trouble. But a serious run-in with the law can greatly hamper your child’s chances at a bright and successful future, and a conviction can follow for years afterward. Fortunately, there are ways juveniles can have their records hidden or expunged. Having an attorney knowledgeable in juvenile law represent your child from the start will give him or her the best chance of a favorable outcome when they’re involved in a legal issue. The Law Office of Joe A. Johnson understands the juvenile justice process in North Dakota and can help you work toward a legal solution that will keep your child on a path to success.

Don’t Wait – Call a Dedicated Lawyer Today

Attorney Joe Johnson has been defending clients in and out of court in North Dakota for nearly 25 years. He has battled dozens of prosecutors in the courtroom and knows the ins and outs of criminal procedures. Whether you have been accused of DUI or DWI, a drug offense or drug conspiracy, assault, domestic violence, theft, a property offense, probation violation, felony crime or something else, he will have your back.

If you are dealing with the threat of a criminal charge in Fargo or anywhere in North Dakota, contact attorney Joe Johnson right away. Protect your rights and your future – call (701) 297-5965 for a free consultation today!